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Holter Monitoring
About HolterMonitoring.com HolterMonitoring.com is a company created to leverage a unique relationship with the U.S leading manufacturer of Holter Monitoring instrumentation from Applied Cardiac Systems.  Our site is unique in that it delivers the worldwide marketplace with the highest quality product Holter technology at the lowest cost available on the internet. Our offer came to…Read More

High Resolution ECG Waveform


Ultra High Resolution ECG Waveform is a signature mark of quality to the ACS Holter Monitoring technology. For more than 32 years, ACS has stood out from others by providing a Cardiology-grade, high … Read More

Verifiable Holter Report


Verifiable Holter Report The final Holter report is the most important aspect when evaluating Holter technology. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ is a term often used to describe the process of sifting … Read More

Holter Monitoring Analysis Software

Intuitive Holter Software

Holter Analysis Software The new version of ACS Master 9 analysis software is created with the Holter Technician in mind. Most Holter software out there requires you to … Read More

Holter Monitors

2010 Recorder Front smaller

Holter Monitors Holter Monitors from ACS have evolved significantly in terms of size & capability since ACS began production in 1981. With decades of proven … Read More