Verifiable Holter Report

The final Holter report is the most important aspect when evaluating Holter technology. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ is a term often used to describe the process of sifting for the truth. The ACS report format is used by more Cardiologist than any other single Holter report in the U.S. The reason is because they generate a report that a physician can trust.

The unique Report Format offered by ACS provides several tools for a clinical to verify symptoms and events. Some of the features include:

  • 8, 16, 32 second strip acquisition capabilities
  • 5 Minute pages to correlate symptoms to real cardiac events
  • 1 hour Full Disclosure printouts further verify (without at doubt)
  • Annotated (beat type) & Tabulated (rates, counts) on Full Disclosure
  • BPM – ST Minute by Minute Trend for verifying true ST changes
  • Tabular Summary with automatic min/max calculations for all categories
  • Minute by Minute Ectopic Summary

ACS has earned the leadership status for nearly 32 years by providing a Holter Monitoring report that is 100% compliant with the industry standards for Ambulatory ECG Monitoring (AECG) put forth by the ACC / AHA Guidelines.  Many other Holter companies do not invest in making quality products that have all the tools embedded in the software and not as additional options.  This ensures that you get the highest quality without having to make additional expenditures to enable certain functions.

The ACS Holter report generated by the Master VIII analysis software or by the Holter scanning service ‘ACS Diagnostics’ provides physicians with a format to  quickly & easily ‘verify’ symptoms and events.  With the Full Disclosure format, clinicians have no doubt that they can avoid any repetitive processes of having retrieve additional information from the technician.